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Trust the experts at Lompoc Florist & Flower Shop for all your gifting needs. Call us today at Toll Free 888-249-0733

Cubic Zirconia Heart

3020 - Cubic Zirconia Heart Lompoc, CA delivery. More Info

LF–3020 35.00
49.71 Total

Topaz Heart Pendant

3019 - Topaz Heart Pendant Lompoc, CA delivery. More Info

LF–3019 44.99
60.53 Total

Amethyst Pendant

3021 - Amethyst Pendant Lompoc, CA delivery. More Info

LF–3021 45.00
60.54 Total

Double Heart Pendant

3022 - Double Heart Pendant Lompoc, CA delivery. More Info

LF–3022 35.00
49.71 Total

Crystal Pillow Heart

3023 - Crystal Pillow Heart Lompoc, CA delivery. More Info

LF–3023 35.00
49.71 Total

Lompoc Florist & Flower Shop would be pleased to deliver any item from our Jewelry Collection or any of our over 2500 items from our catalog to your loved one, business associate or friend in any of the following Zip Codes or Lompoc, VAFB and surrounding areas. via our own trucks or throughout the US or Canada through one of our affiliates usine the FTD or Teleflora florist system. Call us at Local 805-925-3803 or Toll Free 888-249-0733 for assistance or place your order online.

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